ben color capture.   fantastic.   my go to paint company, benjamin moore has devised a way to document those unusal colors and moments of inspiration for future reference.  From the New York Times, “a new iPhone and iPod Touch application, allows users to match any color in a photograph to one of Benjamin Moore’s more than 3,300 paint colors. The application, which was developed by Benjamin Moore, allows users to zoom in on a particular color in a picture they’ve taken or loaded onto their device, tap a “match” key and see a display of the paints closest to the color desired, plus a range of darker and lighter shades on either side. These color “chips” can be saved to a favorites folder.”  

May 27 Wednesday

Fernando Ariza/The New York Times
we watched Doubt the other night and I have to say I was really loving the headmistress’ office which was entirely painted a beautiful green. [Andrew Schwartz Mirmax Films]
i love the dark blue grey exterior and quirky turquoise door of this home in our neighborhood. [Clipper Street Residence, San Francisco. envelope A+D]



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