when i came across maharam’s three new fabrics  in collaboration with british american artist, sarah morris, i had to learn a little bit about her.  primarily a painter, she also makes films, photographs, prints and drawings.  simply put, sarah’s work consists of dynamic grids executed in both high gloss color fields and the more minimal gouache and ink on paper [check out white cube gallery’s bio for sarah]   i am in love with the architectural qualities, the composition and the contrast between the twill of the grid and the weaves of the saturated color fields.  the color palette of the Firm is amazingly beautiful and i can’t wait to get my hands on an actual sample . . .

3 june Wednesday

The Firm [Los Angeles], 2006.  household gloss paint on canvas. 84.25in. square [via the Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York
The Firm, Maharam, 2009
Detail  [The Firm, Maharam, 2009]

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