tonight, i went to a dinner party at DZine for anna lenti who gave an inspirational presentation for her sister, paola lenti’s collection of furniture and rugs.  As eve and cardenio throw great parties and i am a fan of paola lenti, the evening was well spent.  the cohesive, graphic collection utilizes production techniques involving the latest technologies as well as traditional handicraft techniques.   the variation of scale in her textiles is brilliant – they allow one to put together a completely monochromatic color scheme or to create a beautiful arrangement with the deep bright colors – there is an endless combination of possibilities.   that said, a few facts i learned tonight–  paola is a graphic designer  .  she is not trained as a weaver  .  one of her original inspirations is rock climbing rope .  those barrel back dining chairs are actually woven with a weft of neoprene ribbon . her mother, a perfectionist, hand crochets the pieces . the carpet with the cut pile design is trimmed out by hand with scissors.  below are some images from her collection, for my previous post on the 2009 collection, click here.

june 11 thursdaya

felt rugs  :  yard . kaleidoscope . prisma

june 11 thursday 2

natural rugs :  spin . itaca

june 11 thursday c copy

aqua collection :  float . ease

june 10 tuesday d

aqua collection : sand

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