small spaces, small sinks.   think, powder room.   in san francisco, i’ve come across a lot of victorian flats with the split baths – vanity and tub in one room, toilet in the other.  some of the options below may work perfectly to convert the wash closet to a powder room turning your single bath to a 1 1/2 bath home. 

june 16 tuesday

hand rinse basins : duravit architec # 076635 . duravit vero # 070225

june 16 tuesday b

asymmetrical basins : agape flat 80 . duravit architec #076465
june 15 MONDAY c
stone basins : agape carrara CER730S . waterworks .25 corian PTLV25

2 Responses to “tuesday”

  1. elena Says:

    some other nice sinks…. http://www.catalano.it/english/index.htm
    the “zero” series is quite nice.

    • seeing . hearing . speaking Says:

      thanks for sharing, e ! very lovely . i also like the C – curvy asymmetrical and the verso – long and sleek.

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