the rug companvisited our office last week and i fell in love with the peony rug by helen amy murray– the floral design is actually hand carved from the wool and we can create our own design which can to be fabricated using this technique.  the texture is absolutely perfect for a master bedroom or dressing room.   they are also introducing a natural jute rug which is simple with nice heavy lines.  below are some images i snapped with my iphone and i couldn’t resist posting a bunch from their collection.  fyi – the rug company is a british company which offers rugs created by a host of designers including marni, matthew williamson,  fiona curran and paul smith.   the modern designs are all handmade, executed using traditional techniques and we can customize the colors and size.  exquisite collection.

june 29 monday b

june 29 monday a

june 29 monday e

june 29 monday c

june 29 monday d

june 29 mondY F


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  1. […] her organic, often neutral, sometimes colorful ceramics, eva is now, at age 102, designing rugs for the rug company.   her work is simply delightful. […]

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