i saw neri oxman in vogue magazine– she is stunning and her research and design work is amazingly ethereal.   an architect and medical scholar, she founded the materialecology design research lab at MIT.   her work explores the unpredictable ways that natural processes can inform architecture.  MoMa curator paola antonelli sums it up when she says that in trying to “understand what nature knows about assembly that we don’t . . .neri is doing what we have been trying to do for millenia by stealing secrets from nature. . . her work looks like beautiful sculpture, but it represents the future of architecture and design.” [via Vogue, May 2009]
neri oxman 3
neri oxman 5
details, ‘raycounting,  MoMa permanent collection
neri oxman 4 
details, ‘monocoque’, a 3-D printed polymer resin composite, MoMa permanent collection
neri oxman 7
detail from natural artifice’ exhibit at MoMa
neri oxman a
beast chaise lounge, 2008

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