i recently broke out a few pieces from my collection of quilts for house guests.  the quilts were made by aunts on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family in montgomery county pennsylvania.  i remember visiting their quilting circle as a child – many women, much applique detail and a lot of fun creating gorgeous heirlooms together.  a few years ago, i wanted to start my own quilting circle – cocktails, design and quilting!  when i realized there wasn’t enough time in the day, i become obsessed with designing patterns that i would machine quilt – i actually started one for my goddaughter but at this rate, she will probably get it when she leaves for college.  alas, a little inspiration with a few modern graphic quilts from denyse schmidt in connecticut.
july 10 friday c
signature quilt : drunk love 
july 10 friday e
signature quilt : swirly rose applique
july 10 friday b
signature quilt : simple design
july 10 fridaya
works collection . 4 crosses
july 10 friday f
works collection . rugby stripes

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