3191 : evenings

last week i pre-ordered 3191: evenings–  the second and final installment in a visual collaboration between two friends—stephanie in portland, oregon and mav in portland, maine.  literally 3191 miles apart, they discovered each other on flickr in 2005 when they noticed a remarkable similarity between their images. check out their blog.  i have to thank my sister who told me about their project.  i find such beauty in their process, the similarity and contrasts between their daily images (for this project, the only rule is to take the photo between 5 and 10:30 each evening) and the peacefullness of their photographic style which ties the images together.
a few of their dyptics which capture the allure of darkness and the magic of the evening light :

august 13 wednesday 1

august 13 wednesday a

august 13 wednesday b

august 13 wednesday c

august 13 wednesday d

august 13 wednesday f

august 13 wednesday e

i love how these last two compositions blur together.  
p.s. the publisher is lena corwin‘s new imprint called otherbooks, buy the book here.

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