crystal liu . give us our dream : part one

this photograph from crystal liu‘s upcoming show, give us our dream: part one at the hosfelt gallery is absolutely stunning.  i am drawn to the textures, the vibrant colors and her process– see below :

august 22

give us our dream, ranunculus two, 2009  digital c-print 29 x 29 
“In her newest body of work Liu has photographed cut flowers that she has frozen in blocks of ice. What began as a desire to destroy something – expecting the blossoms to wither and turn black – became instead a way of arresting the passage of time.
Because flowers have frequently acted as stand-ins for people in Liu’s work, it is easy to look at these photographs as portraits. But fractured and abstracted though these images are, they are also akin to traditional still-life. The mere act of capturing a moment in time – through still-life painting or photography – is an acknowledgment that life is fleeting. Yet in the lush colors of these delicate objects preserved in the prime of their beauty, there seems to reside a wistful fantasy of eternal youth.” – excerpt from exhibition catalogue

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