laurel lamps

i love lamps.  they create atmosphere and add texture and whimsy to a room.  as i have been so enamored with the pair of white laurel lamps i posted yesterday, i did a bit more research on the mid-century mfg from newark, nj.  sadly, there really isn’t much out there but i did find a few images and ideas. . . 
august 25 d
teardrop form table lamp, 1960s [belvair]

august 25 tuesday b

pair of table lamps, mustard yellow lacquer 1960s [145 antiques, ny $1800]
steal : table lamp, mustard yellow lacquer [ebay $250]

august 25 tuesday a1

mushroom lamp, yellow laquered and glass  [flickr]

august 25 e

pair of table lamps, brass plated metal and glass, c.1965 [wrightnow $1600]
floor lamp, brushed chrome and glass 1960s [the warehouse, ny $1000]

august 25 tuesday b

this original laurel adjustable floor lamp (at left) is available  room and board style for a fraction of the price.  in june, i saw this at r+b  and thought it was great looking, love finding the inspiration. . . 
adjustable floor lamp, polished brass with linen shade, 1950s [dual, ny $2400]
steal : adjustable floor lamp, polished brass [room and board, $249]

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