brice marden : minimalism + texture

brice marden and helen harrington’s renovation of rose hill, an italianate villa on the hudson river is inspirational.   similar to his work, the project is restrained and overall, the color is muted.  his wife’s textile collection is saturated with vivid colors that pop against this minimal palette.  a few images alongside some of his work, more to follow later. . .
13 septembera
“china painting” 1995-1996. oil on linen. 71”× 32”, MOMA . the porte-cochere
13 septembera
return 1, 1964-65 50 x 68 . detail, entry hall
13 septemberc
detail, the propitious garden of plane image third version 2006,  oil on linen, six panels. overall 72 x 288″, collection the artist . dining room
uon, images of art via matthew marks gallery . images of rose hill via world of interiors, april 2009

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