recycled glass bottle trees : pick your poison

i love this tree comprised of glass mineral water bottles . the beer bottle trees are for cw– although he would probably prefer to see a stack of dark brown ipa bottles.  come to think of it, i haven’t seen a green beer bottle since college. . . my tree would of course, be a chandelier of wine bottles.

the ‘ice tree’ by paprika was commissioned as a christmas decoration for the furniture retailer domison‘s window installation [via design boom]
beer bottle tree by paul deakin, a student at the University of Southampton, England [via riotact] . a grolsch bottle tree


One Response to “recycled glass bottle trees : pick your poison”

  1. HalleySuzy Says:

    This is an awesome idea for using a reusable item! Glass wine bottles have so many uses and can create millions of things. The chandelier and Christmas tree are beautiful and very cool. Thank you for sharing these ideas!

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