dining with frogs

the ever talented hella jongerius‘ table grenouille for galerie kreo in paris depicts a life size human or mythical size frog dipped in blue enamel.  i dont think i would appreciate dining with the frog everyday but i appreciate her whimsy.  the combination of the frog and the simple table form reminded me of droog’s “godogan” table– a minimal walnut plank table that has a been hand carved to illustrate an indonesian fairy tale about a frog that turns into a prince. the amazingly intricate design which is hand crafted in indonesia is continued across the table top as a laser etching.  pretty amazing, right?
grenouille table, 2009. limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 prototypes. photos from galerie kreo, paris

godogan table, 2006 by niels van eijk & miriam van der lubbe, edited by droog. photos from hedge gallery, san francisco

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