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mim design : inspiration for the day

this morning, cw forwarded me the link to mim design as their work reminded him of me.   so sweet and he is right on– from the land of oz, mim creates the most lovely interior environments and their commercial work has great whimsy and use of brand patterning.  love love love.


barragan + rothko : color + solitude

recently, i’ve been looking at the work of luis barragan (1902-1988) and i am completely into his extraordinary sense for color which he executed in massive, saturated architectural planes.   considered the most important mexican architect of the 20th century, he uses color and light to define spaces that are both minimal and spiritual.   barragan once said, only in intimate communion with solitude may man find himself. solitude is good company and my architecture is not for those who fear or shun it.  his work and his belief’s are reminiscent of the work of the abstract expressionist, mark rothko.   also active in the mid 1900s, rothko’s color field paintings evoke a similar spiritual feeling.  i have experienced standing in front of many of rothko’s life-size canvases and would now love to visit some of barragans. simply stunning …..

barragan, barragan house, tacubaya, mexico city, 1940-43.
mark rothko, untitled, c.1950-52, tate modern london.
barragan, chapel in tlalpan, mexico city, 1954-60.
mark rothko, orange and yellow, 1956.
barragan, cuadra san cristobal, los clubes,  mexico city, 1954-60.
mark rothko,  white center, 1950.  private collection.
barragan, galvez house, chimalistac, mexico city, 1955.
mark rothko, untitled, 1953, national gallery of art.
barragan, gilardi house, chapultec, mexico city, 1975.
mark rothko,  earth and green, 1955.

no longer emotionally detached

i have been the worst.  so for all you readers out there who check in with me and for cw, i vow to be a better blogger.    to get back in the game, a quick post linking to the most humerous blog of the moment, unhappy hipsters– mocking the trend toward emotionally detached models in architectural photography, unhappy hipsters give a voice to these upwardly mobile yet marginalized dwell“ers.

caption left : He tried to focus on the novel, and not how much his bedroom reminded him of a plywood coffin. [photo: dwell magazine, november 2009]
caption right : Not on the grass, Sweetie. Never. On. The. Grass. See how much fun Daddy is having? [photo: jack thompson, dwell, october 2009]

montauk lake house : texture + landscape

i realize we are already well into fall, but recently came across this east coast summer retreat– its probably really lovely this time of year.  there are many things i appreciate about this house by murdock young in montauk, ny :
november 1g
the decision to use the local vernacular in the minimal material palette : ahh, driftwood
november 1b
the spatial qualities : the use of the color white unites the various textures of the exposed trusses, walls and ceiling
november 1c
the detailing on the stacked stone fireplace
november 1h
the relationship between the interior and exterior .  the white interior and large expanses of glass reflect the landscape
november 1f
the landscape . we could throw some good parties at this house . . .
via style-files, images from murdock young, by micheal moran

john pawson : telluride

i had never seen this john pawson home in context (i saw the kitchen on flickr this afternoon).  the home is located on a suburban site in telluride which makes perfect sense as the simple forms and materials reference the town’s vernacular architecture.  i have always liked way the second story which is clad in weathered vertical wood siding, slips over the fieldstone base.
more john pawson posts here.







all images via ken hayden  

piero lissoni : old + new

its all about italian design today because this morning, i went to a breakfast at dzine in honor of piero lissoni who was in san francisco for the week.  he is a talented and funny man, not to mention handsome with a strong aesthetic that is clear throughout his body of work.  piero lissoni prides himself in controlling the entire design process by being an architect, interior designer, furniture designer, industrial designer, stylist and graphic designer as well as the creative director and chief designer at boffi and living divini.  he is probably most recognized for his upholstered pieces [available here] but below are images of two residential projects where i appreciate how he has handled or rather, made the contrast between the old and the new architecture.  
25 septemberb
25 september b
25 september a1
loft monza . monza, italy 2008
25 september d
25 september c
villa dubrovnik . dubrovnik, croatia 2009
25 september g1
25 september f
25 september e
25 september g
25 september i
boffi spa headquarters .  the carbon fiber reception desk is elegant– check out that cantilever!


fearon hay : architecture + landscape

i love how these minimal jewel boxes are embedded into their sites.  located in the opposite ends of new zealand’s dramatic landscape–  the ocean and the mountains, one is light with glass, the other heavy with stone.  both retreats are by fearon hay .  photography by patrick reynolds
23 septembera
23 septemberb
23 septemberc
sandy bay farm house, tutukaka coast
23 septemberi
23 september f
23 septemberf
23 septemberd
mountain retreat on the shores of lake wakatipu, central otago, queensland
via materialicious

brice marden : minimalism + texture

brice marden and helen harrington’s renovation of rose hill, an italianate villa on the hudson river is inspirational.   similar to his work, the project is restrained and overall, the color is muted.  his wife’s textile collection is saturated with vivid colors that pop against this minimal palette.  a few images alongside some of his work, more to follow later. . .
13 septembera
“china painting” 1995-1996. oil on linen. 71”× 32”, MOMA . the porte-cochere
13 septembera
return 1, 1964-65 50 x 68 . detail, entry hall
13 septemberc
detail, the propitious garden of plane image third version 2006,  oil on linen, six panels. overall 72 x 288″, collection the artist . dining room
uon, images of art via matthew marks gallery . images of rose hill via world of interiors, april 2009

inspiration from upstate ny

it is officially autumn and although i love our indian summers in california, i will forever miss the changing of the seasons in new york.  the arrival of fall is marked by not only the colors of the landscape, but by my little sister’s birthday.  this outdoor fire pit in kinderhook, ny is inspiration for sjc’s home– happy birthday.   
september 9b
september 9a
september 9d
images via elle decor, steven harris and rees roberts

john pawson . lifestyle

for a girl that loves simple food, living on the water, and believes white is a color, john pawson is my man.  so for now, more inspirational photos [and one of my favorite recipes from living and eating, first edition] :
august 18x
august 18z
august 18y
b60 sloop . “in essence white is not so much a color but the visible absence of colours and yet at the same time the concrete of all colours” – moby dick, herman melville 
august 18j
wow . salad servers and bowls
august 18m
living and eating by john pawson and annie bell