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john pawson . residential

minimal . uncomplicated . simple spaces [to be continued. . .]
august 18g
pawson house . london 1994
august 18A
de camaret house . london 2005
august 18B
baron house . sweden 2005
august 18d
medina house . tunis 1995

seeing. . .

inspiration from ireland . love the materiality and the relationship with the landscape
august 4 tuesday A
august 4 tuesday B
august 5 wednesday C
macgabhann architects . private house on lough swilly, co. donegal 
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a simple lovely weekend home

july 19 sunday a

july 19 sunday c

july 19 saturday a

holiday home in asserbo by christensen and co arkitekter, copehenhagen denmark 


julius shulman, 1911 – 2009 . as a child in upstate new york, my favorite playdate was with a girl down the street who had her mother’s barbie dream house from the 1950s.  the house was simple– made of cardboard, it was one level with a few partitions. and the walls were stylized.  the spaces and style were all new to me living in our contemporary 1970s home.   julius schulmans photography captured the postwar california lifestyle and the architect’s vision– his work is part of the essence of what made me want to study design.  

july 17 fridaya

julius schulman photographing case study house #22 . 1960

july 17 fridayg

case study house #22, [playboy], los angeles 1960 .pierre koenig, architect . chromogenic print

july 17 fridayb

kaufmann house, palm springs, 1947 . richard neutra, architect . gelatin silver print

july 17 friday c

chuey house, los angeles 1958 . richard neutra, architect . gelatin silver print
case study house #22, los angeles 1960 . pierre koenig, architect . gelatin print

july 17 fridayf

july 17 fridaye
bailey house . case study house #21, los angeles, 1958 . pierre koenig, architect . chromogenic print


minimal white houses . traditional forms

july 13 monday a

july 13 monday a2

july 13 monday b1

july 13 monday a

ouchi house series, japan by jun ishikawa architect atelier


i saw neri oxman in vogue magazine– she is stunning and her research and design work is amazingly ethereal.   an architect and medical scholar, she founded the materialecology design research lab at MIT.   her work explores the unpredictable ways that natural processes can inform architecture.  MoMa curator paola antonelli sums it up when she says that in trying to “understand what nature knows about assembly that we don’t . . .neri is doing what we have been trying to do for millenia by stealing secrets from nature. . . her work looks like beautiful sculpture, but it represents the future of architecture and design.” [via Vogue, May 2009]
neri oxman 3
neri oxman 5
details, ‘raycounting,  MoMa permanent collection
neri oxman 4 
details, ‘monocoque’, a 3-D printed polymer resin composite, MoMa permanent collection
neri oxman 7
detail from natural artifice’ exhibit at MoMa
neri oxman a
beast chaise lounge, 2008


as we start the holiday weekend, a few snaps of swimming pools . . .

july 3 FRIDAY F

andrea cochran . alexander’s crown, california

july 3 FRIDAY B

blasen landscape architecture . private residence, napa valley california

july 3 FRIDAY E

bernard trainor . vynbos, lagunitas california

july 3 FRIDAY A

markus wespi jerome de meuron architekten . neubau haus ku

july 3 FRIDAY D

vladimir djorovic . bassil mountain escape faqra, lebanon [photo by geraldine bruneel]


situated in the belgium countryside, this residence is a simple, clean form juxtaposed against the surrounding rural landscape.  the images of this barn transformation are summery– a nice way to start july.

july 1 wed

july 1 wed b

july 1 wed c

july 1 wed d

[via wallpaper, architecture by buro2 architecture, images by danica kus]  


Sam Maloof passed away today at the age of 93.
Two years ago, my husband and I had the pleasure of spending the day with Sam Maloof at his property in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California.  He gave us a tour of the workroom, the storage sheds filled with beautiful wood, the museum and his home.   We met the men in the shop and we had lunch in town.   Sam was amazingly humble and inspirational.   Every word was thoughtful.  He referred to himself as a woodworker and appeared astonished at the demand for his work and the prices it fetches at auction.   Afterall he explained that he found his career by building a home for his family, room by room and he was one of those lucky people who’s passion became their career.
May 22 friday
“I want to be able to work a piece of wood into an object that contributes something beautiful and useful to everyday life. And I want to do this for an individual that I can come to know as a friend.” Sam Maloof  [Smithsonian American Art Museum]